Ore Milling Equipment

India Ore Milling Equipment Industry Status Quo

At present, the Indian Ore Milling Equipment industry consists of 450 Ore Milling Equipment manufacturers, of which about 33% of the government background of the enterprise. In addition, India's ten major Ore Milling Equipment manufacturers accounted for almost 70% of India's Ore Milling Equipment production. In the next few years, the Indian Ore Milling Equipment industry to strive for annual growth rate of 35%, exports accounted for more than 30% of output, and continue to maintain their own low-cost advantage.

In recent years, the demand for major equipment manufacturing industries such as defense, auto parts and railways has increased significantly, leading to a substantial increase in the Ore Milling Equipment industry. Despite the global economic downturn, the Indian economy to maintain a balanced operation, GDP growth of 5% -9%, making it the world's second fastest growing economies. The rapid growth of India's economy is mainly driven by agriculture, services, manufacturing, trade and construction. The Indian government has taken a series of positive measures to restore industrial growth and maintain that momentum. In the next few years, the Indian Ore Milling Equipment industry to strive for annual growth rate of 35%, exports accounted for more than 30% of output, and continue to maintain their own low-cost advantage.

India is in the development stage, the gap between rich and poor, but can be seen everywhere in the construction of the plant, highway; road a few high-end vehicles are imported, the rest of the cars, trucks, motorcycles, three motorcycles, , Almost all of the local construction machinery manufacturing. In recent years, India's rapid economic development, leading to increased demand for Ore Milling Equipment, India Ore Milling Equipment market is an important area of ​​competition, the Indian crushing machine industry growth and competitiveness has the following characteristics: for India and overseas users to provide high-performance Ore Milling Equipment equipment The ability to transform into a high productivity, high efficiency, more cost competitive industry; attaches great importance to quality; and suppliers and secondary suppliers to establish a close integration relationship. China's enterprises should be strategically attached to the needs of the Indian market, because China's product quality for the Indian market.

India is the basic sales agent Ore Milling Equipment, and provide after-sales service for enterprises. Indian Ore Milling Equipment service personnel have a certain basis, and then trained to undertake general maintenance services. Indian users trust agents. China's enterprises should seek good agents in India, and to mobilize agents to the positive approach to its efforts to expand the market share of the agent products.

Since 1991, India's domestic Ore Milling Equipment demand is huge, so manufacturers focus on the domestic market development, exports in the output value of the share of less than 10%. At present, India's Ore Milling Equipment industry with an annual output value of 1 billion US dollars, but exports only 50 million US dollars, the products are mainly exported to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. But so far, China and India Ore Milling Equipment industry in the trade, investment and other areas also little cooperation. China has become the world's largest Ore Milling Equipment market, India hopes to purchase Ore Milling Equipment parts in China, and hope to establish a joint venture in China to produce or promote India's Ore Milling Equipment and related equipment. Many Indian companies said they would like to seek distributors and agents in China to solve the problem of future Indian Ore Milling Equipment sales and after-sales service in China.

The growing manufacturing industry has pushed India into the position of the 9th largest Ore Milling Equipment consumer market in 2007. The growth and demand for new industries has contributed to the demand for large Ore Milling Equipments and has led to an increase in imports. According to the "International Mold Machinery Industry" reported that experienced five consecutive years of 30% market growth rate, India crushing machine industry is facing a sharp decline in customer demand caused by demand. Despite this challenge, India's Ore Milling Equipment production remained unchanged from previous years.

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